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3D Printing Tutorials

All Questions regard 3d printing resources should be sent to 3dta@gsd.harvard.edu or fablab@gsd.harvard.edu
The GSD has several 3d printing resources for use by GSD faculty, students currently enrolled in GSD courses and approved researchers.

Some of these printers are self serve, where users walk up to the equipment and send/retrieve jobs themselves and others are administered by trained technical assistants. The machines administered by technical assistant have an online submission form.

All printers require users to complete 3d printer training available at the harvard training portal.


The current lineup of printers are the GSD are :

Dremel 3d45 fdm printer - Self Serve, located on the third floor tray.

Uprint SE Plus fdm printer - Self Serve, located in L40.

Connex 3 Objet 260 - Online Submission, located in L40

Objet 30 - Online Submission, located in L40

Z650 - Online Submission, located in L40

For comparisons on cost please visit 3D printing in the Site Modeling Methods.

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