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Harvard EAST - Email Archiving Stewardship Tools - Workshop

An expanding email archiving community is working on tools to support the full stewardship lifecycle of curated email. The vision includes activities from pre-acquisition appraisal, through archival processing and long term preservation, to access through discovery and delivery. This workshop seeks to bring together several members of this community to:  

  • Foster the community
  • Share updates on current work
  • Identify community needs
  • Expose the Harvard Library community to email archiving

Please visit the following pages to share information and discussion:


Wednesday, March 2, 2016
90 Mount Auburn Street, Conference Room 021



Welcome - Franziska Frey

Introductions to the Workshop with Goals - Wendy Gogel

Introcutions and Housekeeping - Chuck Patch

12:45-3:45Sharing demos and updates (10-30 minutes each)

Community needs

Wendy Gogel and Grainne Reilly (10 mins)

  • Kicking off ideas

Workshop group (50 mins)

  • Other ideas, other needs, gaps not covered

Networking mixer - Nubar (

7:00Dinner - Nubar


Thursday, March 3, 2016
90 Mount Auburn Street, Conference Room 021

8:30Continental breakfast
9:00Community needs - further discussion and findings


Workshop summary - Findings and next steps

Lamont Forum Room, 3rd floor Lamont Library, Harvard Yard

12:30-1:00Presentation set-up at Lamont Forum Room
1:00-3:00Email Archiving: A Curation Lifecycle - A Panel Presentation
3:00-3:30LFR Wrap-up



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