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Digital Preservation at Harvard Library supports university-wide libraries, archives, museums and reformatting units. Here are the services provided by the unit.

Oversight of the DRS and the Digital Preservation Program

  • Liaise with library leadership with respect to applicable policies
  • Create and maintain preservation and usage policies
  • Coordinate DRS preservation audits

Management of the DRS and the Digital Preservation Program

  • Manage DRS service (encourages appropriate use, initial contact for service, provides context related to other services at Harvard and beyond)
  • Work with the Library’s financial group to manage DRS finances and cost model
  • Create and periodically review high-level roadmap for sequencing enhancements and major bugs

Digital Preservation Outreach

  • Provide preservation guidance and consultation services
  • Engage in community forums and conduct in-person interviews when necessary to elicit user feedback

Digital Preservation Infrastructure & Tools

  • Represent the users’ interests/needs and preservation needs of the content
  • Coordinate development of high-level functional requirements as needed
  • Monitor and assess external preservation tools and services to determine applicability toward meeting user and/or preservation requirements
  • Participates in review of user interface designs

DRS Operations & Maintenance

  • Participate in storage refresh planning and decisions by specifying preservation requirements
  • Conduct growth estimates for storage and infrastructure planning

Preservation of Digital Content & Metadata

  • Create and maintain preservation plans including format migrations
  • Produce DRS and preservation reports
  • Monitor and advise on new and obsolescent formats and technology
  • Develop and maintain DRS content models
  • Sign off on changes to content characterization
  • Perform fixes to content and metadata as needed
  • Perform large-scale deletions or expungements when necessary
  • Produce reports on content and metadata as needed
  • Analyze content identified as potentially having viruses
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