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Technology, Security, Privacy, and the Realities of the Cyber World

Hi everyone! Our course site has moved to Canvas (see here for CSCI e45a)
We are keeping this site alive for the time being, but you should go to Canvas for the current course material.

Today's world is a participatory cyberspace world.  Not that long ago most people who used computers and data networks did not need to know much about how they worked, their capabilities or their weaknesses.   As computers and data networks invade almost all areas of modern day living and working it is becoming more important that people understand the technical underpinnings and operations, as well as the capabilities and weaknesses of these technologies.

The goal of this pair of courses is to give students the tools they need to understand, utilize and manage the technologies involved, as well as the ability to appreciate the legal, social and political dynamics of this ever expanding universe and the interplay between the cyber and physical worlds.

The pair of courses will cover the essential elements of computing and the history, structure, operation and governance of the Internet.  We will also look at the interaction between security, privacy and usability, the regulatory and legal environment of cyberspace and the new dangers and opportunities brought on to us by this brave new world.

Other useful links:

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Scott Bradner's courses from prior years - these courses are the foundation for 45a/45b:

CSCI-E132 Advanced Topics in Data Networking Protocols and Network Architecture

CSCI-E170 Security, Privacy, and Usability


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