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The following spreadsheets were the documents we began with as we mapped the relationships between entities and resources. When we started this leg of the project, there were 578 entity relationships and 654 resource relationships. After adding some connections, deleting others, and enumerating all possible relationships between two entities, we ended up with 805 entity relationships and 653 resource relationships.

These are some of the documents generated during the development of the vocabulary. They include hierarchical breakdowns of the ontological classes for each vocabulary as well. The evolution of examples from the relationships into vocabulary terms are also evident. 


The final product - a local, controlled vocabulary with URNs for both cpfRelations and resourceRelations - can be found at http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/johnson.  Or they can be accessed here:

Johnson Resource Vocab with URNs_final.docx

Johnson Entity Vocab with URNs_final.docx

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