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This page documents the technical aspects on running climate models. 

Tentative topics: 

(1) plotting results 

(2) post-processing 

(3) ensemble simulations

any other topic that you think is helpful. 

Everyone in the team is welcomed to add things. (smile)

Download data


Note: Currently only boslogin0* nodes can access the cdsapi address.  Currently working with RCHelp to resolve this issue.

One-time setup

module load python/3.6.3-fasrc01  # centos7
#conda create -n a3501 python=3.6 <packages>  # see
source activate a3501
pip install cdsapi

Select data!/dataset/reanalysis-era5-pressure-levels?tab=form
Accept terms of use
`Show API request`
vim ~pchan/sw/ecmwfapi/
 # Be sure to add `#!/usr/bin/env python` in the first line
 # Customize `grid` & `area` as needed

module load python/3.6.3-fasrc01
source activate a3501
chmod u+x


Changes from ERA-interim to ERA5

ERA5 (HRES): T639/N320, ~0.28125 degrees.

ERA5 further release plan

Share/publish data

Globus does not handle symlink very well.

XXX More to come..

Make a directory and it's subdirectories writeable/executable for the group

chmod -R g+rwx * → for the group

chmod -R a+rwx * → for everyone

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