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The default visibility settings for your Canvas site are determined by your Harvard school. To determine who can view your Canvas site, click on "settings" in the left navigation bar. Near the bottom of the "Course Details" tab, you will see a "Course Visibility" section.

Here, teaching staff may adjust who can view their Canvas site. You may opt to make your Canvas site, or specific content such as the syllabus, visible to the:

  1. Course: Only users associated with the course.

  2. Institution: This setting allows users who are logged in to Canvas to view the course content without being enrolled in the course. These users include anyone who has the ability to log in to Canvas with their HarvardKey, HUID or XID and may include members of the Harvard community with the following roles (including those who do not have active affiliations but who are members of previous Canvas courses):

    1. students

    2. program participants

    3. alumni

    4. faculty

    5. staff

    6. Individuals with sponsored affiliations (this broad category can include consultants/contractors, collaborators and inter-school affiliates, volunteers, tenants, non-Harvard academic advisors, overseers, and others). 

      The course content shown to the institution is the same content shown to the public for publicly visible courses. 

  3. Public: Making your course or course content publicly visible will supplant all other visibility settings you may have selected. This setting also makes the files within that course site publicly visible and potentially searchable by search engines (like Google). Please bear in mind copyright and publishing considerations before making courses publicly visible.


For more information about any of these options, please view the Canvas Course Visibility Options documentation.

How do I adjust my site’s visibility settings?

To adjust your site's visibility settings, please visit the documentation to customize visibility settings for a course or customize visibility settings for course content (such as a syllabus)

Teaching staff at schools that participate in course selection period cannot adjust this setting during course selection period. If you would like shopping turned off for your course, please contact your local support staff.

Please note that options to "Include this course in the public course index," "Restrict students from viewing course after end date," and "Restrict students from viewing course before start date" have all been disabled.  For more information about what information is visible once a course has been concluded automatically, please review the Course Conclusion documentation.








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