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What is Manage Sections?

Manage Sections is an LTI tool developed by Academic Technology that allows teaching staff and course administrators to create, edit and delete sections and to add or delete users from those manually-created sections.  Sections in Canvas are used to segment the class list for administrative purposes, typically based on teaching fellow assignment or meeting time.

Aside from manually-created sections, students who are officially enrolled in courses added to official sections by a data feed that comes directly from school registrars.  Manage Sections does not allow you to edit this official section, which is controlled by the Registrar's office.

Not all schools have enabled Manage Sections. If you do not see a tool card for Manage Sections in your Manage Course dashboard, it means that you do not have access. If you believe you should have access, please contact your Local Support Staff

How do I create a section?

(If you need help enabling Manage Sections, please see below)

  1. Select Manage Course from the Left Navigation and click on the tool card for Manage Sections
  2. Click on "+Add a Section"

  3. Enter the section name of your choice and hit enter.  The section has been created, but it is empty, which is designated by the red trash icon to the left of the section name.

How do I add users to a section? 

  1. To add users, click on the manually created section you would like to add them to (you cannot add or remove students from registrar-fed sections).
  2. If there are already some users in that section, their name will appear in the large grey box.  If the section is empty, "This section is empty" will appear in the large grey box.
  3. Click on "+Add users to section"

  4. An alphabetized list of names and users' roles will appear.  Click on the boxes next to the names of users you would like to add the specified section (you may also sort users alphabetically by clicking on the lettered boxes at the top).
  5. Click on the blue "+Add Selection" button.  A green bar will appear to confirm the number of users you added to the section, and the added users names and roles will appear in a list.

How do I remove users from a section?

  1. To remove users, click on the section you would like to remove them from.  The names of the users in that section will appear in alphabetical order.

  2. Click on the red trash icon to the left of the user you would like to remove.

  3. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you'd like to remove the selected user.  Click on "Yes, Remove" to complete the removal.

How do I delete a section?

  1. Sections that have users enrolled can't be deleted.  Sections that can't be deleted because they have enrolled users will display a message if you hover over the grey trash icon next to the section.

  2. To delete a section, first remove all users in the section. Once a section contains no users, a red trash icon will appear to the left of the section name.  

  3. Click on the red trash icon to the left of the section you would like to delete.

  4. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you'd like to delete the selected section.  Click on "Yes, Delete" to complete the deletion.


How do I rename a section?

  1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the section name you would like to change

  2. A text box will appear with the section's current name.  Edit the text to reflect the new name you would like the section to have.

  3. Click out of the text box.  The updated name will be saved, and the list of sections will reflect the renamed section.


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