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The goal of the edX as an LTI Provider project, aka the HarvardX Hybrid, was to include edX content in a Canvas course. The results were initially piloted in fall 2015 with courses at HKS, FAS, and Harvard Chan. Though the scope of initial pilots has been modest, it is now possible to include course materials from a HarvardX course (from one item to a full course and anywhere in between) into modules in a Canvas site.

As in fall 2015, the pilot courses for spring 2016 will be supported through a partnership between HUIT, HarvardX, and school support. The school academic support teams have the expertise and resources to provide instructional design and pedagogical support for the courses and faculty.

To see a demo of the integration as a learner, visit, courtesy of Professor Dan Levy's team at HKS who used these modules in fall 2015.

How does this work?

Watch a demo of how to integrate edX content into Canvas at We will be working with a sample Canvas course that has an integration set-up with certain edX courses. After watching this video, you should be able to use the tool to preview and select material from an edX course and add it to Canvas.

To add edX content to Canvas:

  1. Go to your Canvas course.

  2. Click Add edX Content.

  3. Choose the edX course from the dropdown menu.

  4. Drag and drop the edX course content to the Canvas module on the right where you would like the content. If you like, you can click on the magnifying glass to preview.


  • Who can use the tool to add edX content in Canvas?

    • Anyone in a staff role (e.g. Teacher, Faculty, Course Head, Teaching Staff, Course Support Staff, TA, Course Designer) or an account level role will be able to use the tool to add the edX content in Canvas.

    • If someone is in one of those roles, in addition to a student-like role (e.g. Student, Guest, Shopper), they will have permission to add edX content to Canvas in addition to the ability to submit assessments that will be graded and submitted.

  • Can I add my edX content anywhere in Canvas?

  • Why don't I see any modules on the right side of the page?

    • If there are no modules in the Canvas course site, the right side of the page will appear to be blank. You will need to go to the modules page to create a module. Learn more about creating modules in Canvas at

  • What edX content is available through this integration?

    • Content from the edX course exports provided to HarvardX and processed by HUIT as of 11/19/2015 are available through this integration. Any content that has changed since the time of that snapshot will not be available through the integration during this pilot.

  • Should I use this integration for peer review?

    • No, Canvas has a native peer review function. Please consult with your school academic technologists for additional information.

  • Should I use this integration for annotations?

    • No, HarvardX has a different LTI tool for annotations. Please contact your school academic technologists to use that instead.

  • What do I need to do if I would like the grades from edX assessments to appear in my Canvas gradebook?

    • Please contact your school academic technologists for assistance.

  • How do I get access to Insights?

    • HUIT’s Open edX does not currently support the MITX/HarvardX Insights or edX Insights (as used with Edge) services.

    • If there are specific questions that you would like to answer, please let your school academic technologists know.

  • What if I have additional questions or would like to join the pilot?

    • Please contact your school academic technologists.

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