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Canvas allows you to reuse content from other Canvas courses, from specific content to sets of content to an entire course. This is a particularly useful way to import content from any templates, master courses, or centrally-available resources you have into individual courses.

Use the “Import Content from Another Course” option to reuse content from existing courses. Check the “Include completed courses” option if you would like to import content from a concluded course. More information is available at 

Please note the following:

  • When possible, content should be imported from the other course(s) before any edits or changes have been made to the current course. This will minimize confusion if similar content is in both courses. Also, if you import and edit the content in the current course, and later import the same content again, your new course will include both the edited and original content.

  • As a member of the teaching staff, you will only be able to import from your other courses. If you need to import content from other courses, please contact your local academic support staff.

  • Course settings, group sets, scheduler appointments, and student submissions and grades cannot be imported.

  • LTI tools integrations may behave differently (i.e. they may remain configured for the other course or be reset for a new course).

  • If you're importing content from a course that used Mediasite, go to the Course Settings page and click on the Apps tab. Click View App Configurations and find the tool(s) that look(s) like Mediasite Lecture Video <term>. Remove any that don't match the current term (such as ones with the previous term or that do not have a term included).

  • Canvas has a feature to shift or remove due dates associated with course events and assignments during the import, which works best in structured courses. More information is available at 

If you are importing the entire contents of a course, please use the following checklist:

  • Confirm events and due dates

  • Confirm course settings are correct

  • Reconfigure any course navigation items created through the Redirect Tool

  • Test all LTI tools

Would you like to reuse content from an edX course? Learn more at 

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