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Canvas brings welcomed new functionality and provides a rich set of tools previously unavailable within course sites, including an instructor dashboard called “course analytics” that shows both aggregate course and individual student activity. Teaching staff can use this dashboard to evaluate the efficacy of course materials and to measure student progress in a course.

The following statement was approved by the Faculty Oversight Committee on the Access to Electronic Information (4/28/15):

  1. The data available to teaching staff in the dashboard is considered to be part of student academic records and therefore does not fall under the Policy on Access to Electronic Information.

  2. Faculty are responsible for notifying students within the course syllabus if Canvas data/digital activity will be used in determining course grades.

  3. Faculty are responsible for deciding who on their teaching staff should have access to this data.


NoteCurrently, Canvas analytics does not measure all activity conducted on mobile devices or through the Canvas app.


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