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If your course site has enrollments from multiple courses – that is, if you have a course that is jointly-offered between schools, or multiple sections of a course that are sharing one Canvas site – multiple mailing lists will be created for your course.

  • The Course Mailing List (1) that is presented at the top of the page when you first open the Course Emailer will allow you to email everyone in a course at once. This mailing list will have more members than the individual course sections because it includes everyone from those sections.
  • If you would like to email only the students from a registrar-fed section (e.g. all HDS students in a course that is jointly offered between FAS and HDS), click Email Registrar Enrollments (2) to expand the selection of mailing lists for those sections.

  • Select the mailing list whose title corresponds with the section of the course you wish to e-mail (3). To email more than one section, you can copy and paste multiple mailing list addresses into the To: field of the email you are composing. 


Please Note: If you have created any sections using Manage Sections or through your school's SIS (e.g my.harvard), mailing lists for those sections will appear between Email Entire Course and Email Registrar Enrollments under the heading, Email Specific Sections.
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