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Site access after course conclusion

Access to course sites on Canvas is governed locally by each school at Harvard, and each school’s local support staff should be contacted for specific information about enrollment and course site conclusion.

When a course’s Canvas site is concluded, it enters a read-only mode and no further changes can be made to its content by teaching staff or students. The course will be moved to the “Past Enrollments” section of the Courses (& Groups) page. This is accessible from Courses (& Groups) > View All or Customize or  In this read-only mode:

  • course sites that were made accessible to the public or all authenticated users will no longer be accessible to anyone who was not on the class list.

  • assignment submissions can be viewed with instructor feedback and grades, but new submissions cannot be uploaded.

  • assignment submissions can be downloaded from the course.

  • files are accessible and downloadable, unless this has been disabled or removed by instructional staff.

  • existing conferences and collaborations can be joined by anyone.

  • new contributions cannot be made to discussions, but prior discussions can be viewed.

  • emails cannot be sent to/ received from course mailing lists that are created by the Course Emailer (note that this is different from sending messages through the Canvas Inbox).

  • grades can be exported, but no changes can be made to pre-existing grades, and ungraded assignments cannot be graded.

  • quiz analytics can not be viewed in a concluded course, although quiz grades remain visible in the gradebook.

The People and Lecture Video (from Mediasite) tabs will also no longer be viewable by students following a course site’s conclusion, and Outcomes and Chat functionality will be fully disabled.

Instructors can decide at a future date to unconclude their course site in order to restore enrollments and full functionality of the site.

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