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  • alternative way to map a drive to Sharepoint Online
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If you have trouble mapping your drive, you may also try the following, which includes troubleshooting steps.

Map the site as a network drive (alternative)

  1. Double-click on My Computer to bring up Windows Explorer.
  2. Click Map Network Drive near the top of the window
    1. The Map Network Drive dialog box will come up.
  3. Check the Reconnect at logon checkbox.
  4. Click on the link underneath Connect to a Web site that you can use to store documents and pictures.


  5. The Add Network Location Wizard dialog box will come up.
    1. Click Next and click Choose a custom network location, and click Next.
    2. You will now enter the location of your document library or site.
      1. An example (You would change the CAPS to your actual site name) would be to map the drive to the root of your site, or


  6. After you have filled in the site library you wish to connect to, click Next.  The cursor will spin, and eventually, you should see a login box.  
    1. Enter your login credentials (ie: your email address, and your Icemail password)
  7. Type a name for this network location and click Next and Finish
  8. You will now be able to open your Sharepoint site or document library as a mapped drive, shown in Computer.




If you are unable to map your drive or if any of the steps do not work, try the troubleshooting steps here: Issues Mapping a drive to Sharepoint Online

 Open a ticket by sending an email to

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