In 2018 we started the process of retiring the code.seas Git service. Please use GitHub instead. Harvard Enterprise GitHub can be used for projects that will be limited to Harvard audiences. SEAS Subversion was retired in 2018.
This page is kept only for historical purposes.


The SEAS Code Repository is a convenient and powerful graphical tool for managing git repositories, projects, and allowing team to collaborate and publish their development work. Source management is an important part of technical work, and we hope to promote its integration in research and courses at SEAS.

To use the service, you'll need a rudimentary knowledge of the GIT source control tool; for this, refer to our

For a super-quick start, just follow this link:

Login using your SEAS or FAS username and password, create a project, and poke around. The site documents much of the steps needed to make use of the service, and for inviting others others to collaborate.

Getting Started: HowTo

For those who want a walk through for using the system for managing their own source code and data, please take a look at our basic HowTo:

and additional features

For faculty and instructors who wish to use the service in their courses, please see review the Getting Started with the SEAS Code Repository documentation, then refer to

For researchers and faculty who want to track, manage, and publish their work internally or externally, please see review the Getting Started with the SEAS Code Repository documentation, then refer to

Lastly, take a look at our recent presentation on the SEAS Code Repository:

Other Source Code Repository Services

Note: The primary source code repository supported in SEAS is the code.seas (git based) repository described above. It is simple and self-enabling. Please consider using it.

For the Subversion source management tool, we offer:

which is a centralized Subversion repository server for SEAS affiliates. Documentation for this service can be found here: Academic Computing Subversion service


Now replaced by the SEAS Code Repository, we continue to offer the Gitosis-based service, use with the GIT code management tool.


Documentation for this service is here: Gitosis source code management.

We currently aren't promoting new accounts on this service, but to request a set of repositories on, please email Once this initial setup is done, a lab or course can manage access to repositories independently.

Documentation for Git or Subversion

For information on using GIT, see our documentation:

or visit the GIT homepage documentation.

Documentation on the Subversion toolset starts with our

or visit the Subversion Redbook

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