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  • Recovering Deleted Data
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SEAS storage home and group directories often have snapshotting enabled, which allows you to access old versions of your data. This howTo explains how to access these snapshots.

Which Storage?

The method for getting to snapshots depends on the storage systems that your data resides on. To determine this, change directory to where the data is (or was) located and type

$ df .

This shows how your data volume is mounted on the system; if it says "," your data is on a EMC Celerra storage systems. If if says "", then your storage comes from the central HUIT storage service.

Accesing Snapshots on the HUIT Storage Systems

The snapshot directory on this storage is named .snapshot. From your home directory, you can change directory to the snapshot directory on your volume as follows:

$ cd 
$ cd .snapshot
$ ls -l

This contains snapshots of you home directory, with the recentness of the snapshot in the directory name. From here you can browse to the old copy of your data and copy back into your main directory.

Restoring data from the FAS RC Storage Systems

For information on how to restore information from the RC storage systems, please refer to their website I accidentally deleted data how do I get it back