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  • OpenFoam on Odyssey and Linux Desktop
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This page has information on running OpenFoam interactively as well as in batch mode on the FASRC Cluster (currently Odyssey). To learn basics of modeling with OpenFoam, please visit:

OpenFOAM - Modeling Basics

Openfoam via singularity container

We have built a singularity container with freecad, gmsh, openfoam and paraview. The container can be used on odyssey (in both the interactive and batch modes) or on a local linux machine with singularity installed.

On Odyssey

Running interactively

Connect to odyssey via OnDemand ( Open a terminal and create a directory for OpenFoam:

mkdir openfoam-test
cd openfoam-test

Run the openFoam container with shell option to obtain a command shell.

singularity shell /n/seas_computing/scientific_software/freecad-OpenFoam.simg

Once inside shell, you should be able to run a simple test job as follows:

source /opt/openfoam6/etc/bashrc

cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/simpleFoam/pitzDaily .
cd pitzDaily

Running in batch

To run openfoam in batch, you can create a bash script with openfoam setup, meshing and run commands in a script (say scr_pitzDaily) and invoke the script via singularity in a slurm submit script (say The script "scr_pitzDaily" might look like:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
source /opt/openfoam6/etc/bashrc
rm -rf pitzDaily 
cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/simpleFoam/pitzDaily/ .
cd pitzDaily 
#Create mesh
#Run openfoam via the solver simpleFoam

The submit script "" might look like:

#SBATCH -n 1  #Number of cores 
#SBATCH -N 1  #Number of nodes 
#SBATCH -t 60  #Runtime in minutes 
#SBATCH -p general  #Partition to submit to 
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=500 #Memory per cpu in MB (see also --mem) 

module load intel/17.0.4-fasrc01 impi/2017.2.174-fasrc01

singularity exec /n/seas_computing/scientific_software/freecad-OpenFoam.simg ./scr_pitzDaily    

# Report some useful info




Modeling on your own desktop/laptop

The singularity image on Odyssey (freecad-OpenFoam.simg) can be downloaded to your desktop/laptop and run in a flavor of Linux (eg: ubuntu) with singularity installed. For this you need:

  • Either a linux desktop/laptop or linux installed in a virtualized environment (such as virtualbox). For help with this, just use a modern search engine (google, bing, etc.) and look for "ubuntu installation in virtualbox" etc. There is plenty of documentation available on this.
  • Install singularity. Visit the following and look under documentation for users:
  • Once you have singularity installed, the commands are identical to those under "OpenFoam via singularity – running interactively"  described above.
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