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You can now sync Sharepoint document libraries with the OneDrive client.  Microsoft is also removing support for mapped drives to Sharepoint sites, so this will now be the default way to sync document libraries from Sharepoint to your computer.  This method works for Windows AND MacOS. 

You can learn more about getting started with OneDrive here:


First, please follow HUIT's guide to setting up your OneDrive.  The guide can be found here:




Once you have set up and configured your OneDrive client:

  1. Sign into your Sharepoint site with a web browser (works on Chrome)
  2. Click to the document library (folder) you wish to sync.
    1. You do not have to sync the entire library.  You may sync sub-folders only if you wish.  Go to the library you wish to sync
  3. In the top library menu, click the syn icon.  See below:


  4. Once you click sync, your browser may pop up asking to open the OneDrive protocol and/or application.  Click OK.


  5. Your OneDrive client may ask you to sign in again, and ask you to set a new OneDrive sync library. 
    1. This is due to the fact that your Sharepoint sites sync location HAS to be separate from your personal OneDrive sync location.
    2. OneDrive will name this location C:\<path>\Harvard University\<Sharepoint Site Name> - <Site Document Library> where:
      1. <path> is the path to your OneDrive sync location on your computer
      2. <Sharepoint Site Name> is the name of the site where the document library you are syncing is called
      3. <Site Document Library> is the name of the document library you wish to sync.
      4. Here, the site name below is SEAS, and the document library is called Team Documents


  6. Your OneDrive client will then open a window, asking you to confirm you wish to sync the document library in question.  
    1. Below is a sample screenshot.  Here, any folders in the library are also shown, and can be synced or not by checking or unchecking the boxes.


  7. After clicking Next, you will then see you are now ready to sync your library.  You can now go to your OneDrive folder.  
    1. Note below you will see my personal OneDrive, and above that, Harvard University, and my sync library, <Site Name> - <Document Library>, here SEAS - Team Documents, and inside that, the folders.



      8.  You can now go to yoru other document libraries and sync them, and they will be added to your OneDrive list.  In the above screenshot, they would be added under Harvard University  using the <site name> - <document library> naming convention.


Please send any questions or issues to