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  • How to register a computer on the Harvard wired network
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To register and get access to SEAS wired networks, you need to :

  1. self-register to
  2. Issue a ticket to with your mac address so that you are placed in the right Role (see mobility)

!!!!!This is outdated, autoreg is no longer the right tool to use!!!!

IGNORE (from here down)

Step-by-step guide 

  1. First, you will need to know your MAC Address.  Please follow the instructions on How To obtain the MAC address from your system
  2. On an authorized device, connected to a Harvard network (wired or wireless), complete the following steps
    1. Open a web browser and go to : Autoreg (
    2. Enter your HUID, it is an 8 digit number that you can find in your Harvard ID card under your name
    3. Enter your HarvardKey password.
    4. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the following page.

    5. Click on the register link on the top left

      1. Type the MAC address that you obtained from How To obtain the MAC address from your system
      2. Select the Operating System of your computer from the dropdown
        1. Select Other if you are registering your dongle/adapter
      3. Fill in the Description field with something meaningful such as "Usb Ethernet dongle" or "Device used by <lab> group" or "Personal tablet"
      4. Leave the Expiration Date field empty unless you know the exact date that you want your computer to be removed from our database (it will remove access to the network for that device).
      5. The "Laptop" and "Wireless" checkboxes should be left unchecked.
      6. Click the Register button
        1. If the registration submission is successful, you should see it in the "my clients" link, 
        2. If you do not see the registration as a row on the "my clients" link or if you get a message that reads "Client already exists in the system," please contact us at and we can work to resolve the issue.

  3. Failing to register your computer may cause your system to lose internet access when connected via a wired connection.


SEAS allows for people to bring their own devices (BYOD) on its networks, but they have to be registered in Harvard's database.


Enforcement on this policy wasn't applied, but will in the following months.

Please make sure you go through this process to ensure your connectivity to the internet.


Please keep in mind that this process is only valid for connections to a WIRED network, for WIRELESS connections, please read the information How To connect to the Wireless network

Please read the policy articles on the Harvard's Security Office about keeping your personal system updated and good security practices.


If you have any doubt please contact us at

Failing to register your system may cause your system to lose internet access.