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READ THIS: Please do not use this method to map a sharepoint site to your computer, instead use the instructions provided here

Step 1: Map the site as a network drive

  1. Browse to the site you would like to map:   ***Use Internet Explorer ONLY, otherwise you will receive a permissions error when trying to map the drive***
  2. At the login page, before you do anything, click on the 'keep me signed in'.  Enter your and hit TAB.
  3. You will automatically be redirected to Harvard'e O365 login page

                                     will redirect to    

  4. Once you are logged in, click Start and My Computer.
  5. In the top of the box click on Map Network Drive.
  6. The Map Network Drive wizard will ask you what you wish to map.
    1. Enter (where YOURSITE is the name of your site), and click Finish.
      1. An example is for the SEAS Dean's Administration Sharepoint Site.
    2. Please make sure you check the Reconnect at Logon check box, and click FINISH.


  7. Your site should open up in a window.  Your site has been mapped!


  8. Sharepoint Online has a timeout for when you must enter your credentials again.  This timeout is usually about a day of inactivity.
    1. A Enter Network Password box will come up if you click on the mapped drive after your credentials time out.  
    2. Enter your O365 logon credentials, click the Remember my credentials, and click OK.
      1. This will usually your and your Icemail password


  9. Your mapped drive will now open again


 If you see any of the following errors, please see this page: Issues Mapping a drive to Sharepoint Online

           If you have any issues, please send an email to