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AWS Educate

Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning and help prepare students for a cloud-enabled workplace.

AWS Educate provides:

  • grant-based support for educators and students.
  • content on the Cloud contributed by top educators and AWS to help you build your courses.
  • training materials to help you skill up on AWS.
  • collaboration tools such as a discussion forums, events, and places to upload and rate content
  • credits to access AWS services for free.

What do you need 

What do you get 

  • Educators in an institute (like Harvard) will get 200$ credit.
  • Students in an institute (like Harvard) will get 100$ credit.

How to Apply for AWS Educate Credit for use in your AWS Account

  • got to

  • Pick one of the three available options : 

      • Educational Institutions: Should be applied by Harvard HUIT.

      • Educators: A professor, TA or a teacher (I will use this category as an example).

      • Students.


  • Click on the Educators and on the following screen make sure to hit the educator box. 
  • Fill out the application 
  • AWS will send an email to the email address you provide in the application to verify that your email is valid and you own this email. The Email will include a verification code that you will your to continue the process. 

  • Use the verification code to continue the application process.
  • Accept the terms and submit the form.
  • AWS will send you an email 
  • Upon approved , AWS will send another Email with a credit code to be used (marked in red below). 

Credit numbers and codes are random and not real in this documentation

Redeem your AWS Educate Credit in your AWS Account

  • Login to your AWS account management console as root or privileged user .
  • On the top right click on your username account -> Billing and cost management 
  • On the left tab click on the "credits" 
  • the credit page will look like 
  • Insert the "credit code" (PC17C122FMRFNXY, the one you get in AWS Educate approval email)  in the "Promo code". 
  • Click redeem and the credit will be applied to your account.
  • Check the complete list of AWS services you allowed to use educate credit for


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