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  • Establishing Outlook Filters for CRT Notifications
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  1. Create a folder or folders to sort your incoming notifications from the CRT into.
    1. To create a new folder, right click with your mouse in the folders section of Outlook and select “New folder.” Name it and click “Ok.”

  2. Double click to open a CRT notification in its own window.

  3. On the message toolbar, roughly in the middle next to “Move”, click “Rules.”

  4. Select “Create Rule.” 

  5. Click the checkbox next to “Subject Contains.”

  6. All CRT notification have a prefix of [ClassRequestTool] in the subject line. If you wish to filter all CRT notifications into the same folder, use this only this prefix in the “Subject Contains.”  If you wish to create different rules for different types of notifications, use the full subject line from the notification as noted in the Automated Notifications chart. 

  7. Click the checkbox next to “Move the item to folder.”

  8. Click the “Select folder” button and select the folder you have created for this purpose.

  9. Select “Ok” in the folder selection box and “Ok” again in the create rule dialog box.

Now you are filtering!
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