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Creating URNS for websites archived in Archive-It


You can use either public or private Archive-It to find the link.

In public Archive-It, navigate to Schlesinger—Schlesinger Library sites collection. 

                Do a search for you seed or group, and click on the URL.

In production Archive-It, locate the seed page for the site for which you want to create a link.

                Go to the Seeds list and search for your seed

                Click Wayback





The URL will display in the address bar. Here is a typical seed page:


Archive-It Groups:

Using public Archive-It, navigate the Schlesinger collection you want (i.e. Schlesinger Library Sites). All our groups will appear on the left.  Click on the name of the group you want. Use the URL for the group.





In NRS, choose Names/URLs

Choose Add

Select urn-3


             Resource name: {n}

             Status: Active  (radio button)

             URL: Fill in with AIT URL

             URL Status: Active

Click Add



Use the NSS to create your URN:

http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:[add the NSS here]


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