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Box arrangement:

NOTE: Would be good to have the range of numbers in each box listed here and to be added to item records once Aeon is in effect and there are item record for MS materials. Need to call back boxes 1-3 to do this, make sure to log this before sending off more boxes to HD through Johanna.

Boxes 1-4 are arranged and filed by Aleph number.

Starting with Box 5 they will be arranged and filed by MMSID due to move to Alma.


Holding record:

in field where laid in material is described (561 or 562) put the following note after describing the item being removed: (removed to Inserted material collection, call number MC 782, Box [enter box number here])


White paper folder:

on the Left side of tab write MMSID, on the Middle of the tab write title, on the Right side of the tab write barcode.


NOTE: Is this problematic? Would the folders need to be moved around between boxes at any point before being sent to HD? Interfiling?

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