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Working with Patron Loan and Cash Lists in Excel

Currently, it can be very difficult to work with long lists of patron loans and cash transactions that display in the Circulation module. OIS is pursuing with Ex Libris the status of additional display filters that would make these lists more usable. In the meantime, this document describes how to copy the contents of a list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Moving a patron list of loans or cash transactions to Excel will allow more control over the contents, including searching and sorting.

Copying a cash transaction list to Excel

  1. Go to the patron record and select the Cash tab. From there, select the cash transaction tab you are interested in, i.e., 1) Active cash; 2) Cash History; 3) Cancelled Transactions; or 4) All Transactions
  2. Set your circulation client up for print preview: right click the little printer icon at the bottom right of the circ client and select preview. This is important because otherwise, the printer will start printing the list.

    (If you normally operate your Circulation client in "Normal Printing" mode, remember to change this "Preview" setting back when you are done.)
  3. Click "Print" button on the right of the top cash pane:
  4. The report will be produced in preview mode:
  5. Select contents of the report. To select all text, you can either click and drag your cursor across the text, or click into the display and press CTRL-a.
  6. Press CTRL-c to copy the selected text to the clipboard and then paste it (CTRL-v) into a spreadsheet:
  7. You will probably want to do some re-formatting of cells, but putting the data into a spreadsheet will allow you to do searching and sorting.

If anyone is an Excel guru and would like to create an Excel macro to do some re-formatting, etc., I hope you'll share it with the group.

Copying a patron loan list to Excel

You can perform a similar set of steps for loan lists by going to the patron's Global Information. Click on Letter and select Borrower Circulation Summary:

After going through the copy-paste steps:

The display of barcodes in the last column of the example above is made possible by a barcode font installed on the computer workstation. Barcode fonts can be purchased or sometimes found in shareware or freeware collections.

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