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Scope: Descriptions of working documents related to the Harvard's moving images domain project for Linked Data for Libraries Labs/Production.

Includes drafts. File permissions may vary. Creator: Christine Fernsebner Eslao

Use cases

Initial use cases, May 2016
Generated primarily through interviews with Harvard Film Archive staff.


Discussion papers & recommendations

Instance types 


Scope: Describing moving image materials with existing and new bf:Instance subclasses; using the Moving Image related classes proposed in Content, carrier, and media type (based on RDA Carrier types) and extending these classes further with more specific carrier/instance types referred to in the Harvard Film Archive Metadata
Status: Draft in progress

Work types 

Scope: Characterizing moving image works by genre and format.
Status: Draft being finalized; mappings started

Work content 

Scope: Relating moving image works to subjects and to annotations for textual descriptions of content and external (non-linked data) descriptions.
Status: Draft in progress


Scope: Describing activities with proposed ld4l:Activity subclasses plus new subclasses for acquistion and use
Status: Draft in progress

Item history

Physical details

Scope: Describing characteristics including sound, color, defects, cautions, and durations.
Status: Draft in progress; some terms added to extension ontology file; mappings started


Scope: Relating moving image works to external identifiers (URIs and non-linked-data identifiers such as IMDB), and works to works (expressions, derivatives, trailers, sequels).
Status: Draft being finalized 


Extension files

Github repository


Application profile



FMP Converter/Reconciliation Pipeline Proposal



Custom forms



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