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VIA records in HOLLIS

Beginning in late August 2010, approximately 500,000 records for images will be incorporated into HOLLIS. These records are extracted from the VIA catalog (Visual Image Access) and imported into HOLLIS on a weekly basis. Some images or sets of images may already be represented by records in HOLLIS. In these cases the VIA record will be added in addition to the existing HOLLIS record.

Search results

Records for visual images will be incorporated into the search results alongside books, journals, scores, etc. If the visual image has been digitized, a thumbnail will appear in the search results:

search results

If a record represents a set of images, the number of images in the set will appear to the right of the thumbnail:

search results

All VIA images that have been digitized will be included in the "Online" refine option that appears to the right of the search results:


The list of libraries in the location drop-down menu has been expanded to include several repositories, such as the Theodore Roosevelt Collection, that were previously represented only in other catalogs. Using the drop-down menu will limit search results to all items at a given library/repository, in addition to all items in HOLLIS that are available online:

full record

To limit results to only those held by a given library, use the "Location" facet in the bottom of the Refine menu at the right:

full record

Full record view and component view

From the search reuslts, clicking on either the title or the thumbnail will open the full record view. Metadata such as title, creator, date, etc. are displayed if present. Other metadata, such as Note and HOLLIS number, can be displayed by clicking on the link labeled "View More Information:"

full record

To view a larger image, and additional metadata for the image, click on the thumbnail. This will open a new tab/window with the large image and its metadata (called the "component view"):

full record component view

If an image is in the JPEG2000 format, additional functionality for viewing the image will be presented:

full record component view jpeg2000

If the VIA record represents a set of images rather than a single image, the full record view will display a grid of thumbnails:


Clicking on any image in the grid will open it in a new tab/window, and you will be able to see the additional metadata that applies to that individual image:

full record component view

Text-only records

Some images have not been digitized. A set of images may be composed of some images that have been digitized and some that have not. Metadata for images that are not digitized will appear below the grid of thumbnails:

full record component view

If a record has no digital images, all metadata will be shown in the full record record view:

full record component view

Exporting records

A limited amount of metadata for each record can be exported to EndNote and RefWorks using the links provided on the full record view. Additionaly, lists of records can be printed and exported.

Each record contains an option to "View record in VIA" where portfolio functionality is avaialble.

Enhancements under consideration for future phases of the project

  • add "Next/Previous" buttons to component view (for sets of images)
  • allow bookmarking of component images
  • integrate with iCommons Slide Viewer
  • add highlighting to component image view
  • map selected metadata terms to LCSH for better integration with MARC data
  • add form/genre index
  • add VIA records to HOLLIS RSS feeds


The entire VIA record is keyword searchable (including the ID number). Some advanced searching is also supported:

  • Author/Creator
  • Date
  • Repository
  • Subject
  • Title

Comments and questions

Please submit any questions or comments using the HOLLIS feedback form.

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