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Eleven indexes are available in VIA for both keyword browsing and for keyword searching. They contain the following VIA data elements:

Anywhere Includes all words that appear in VIA records.Search for Belinda Randall Anywhere
Name Names of people or organizations as creators, contributors, or subjects. These may be individuals, groups of people, corporate bodies or other entities that have contributed to the design, creation, production, manufacture, or alteration of the materialSearch for Dufy in Name
Search for Olmsted Brothers in Name
TitleTitles and alternate titles of works, groups of works, or surrogatesSearch for woman in Title
Search for Venus and Cupid in Title
SubjectTopics, styles, periods, work types, materials and techniquesSearch for flowers in Subject
Search for Mannerism in Subject
Search for altarpieces in Subject
Search for albumen in Subject
Search for Ming in Subject
Place Specific geographic locations where a work was created, found, or previously located, or specific geographic locations which are the subject of a workSearch for Boston in Place
Search for Uganda in Place
Nationality/Culture Terms defining the nationality or culture with which the object or the artist is associated.Search for German in Nationality/Culture
Search for Mayan in Nationality/Culture
RepositoryThe museum, library, archive, or other institution, or individual that owns the work, group of works, or surrogate.Search for Museum of Fine Arts in Repository
Search for Tate in Repository
Identifying Number
Classification numbers and other identification numbers assigned to the work, site or object throughout its historySearch for 375 G 553 80 E(g) in Identifying Number
Search for 1899.9.B in Identifying Number
Record ID
Numbers assigned by contributing Harvard and Radcliffe institutions to VIA records.Search for HUAM891 in Record ID
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