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This is the fifth section of the sets module of the Alma Overviews course. The video is at the top of the page, followed by the script.

In this video, you'll review:

So, What are Itemized Sets Good For?

Itemized sets can be helpful for many tasks in Alma. First, they could keep track of frequently-referenced records and replace a paper list of Aleph or HOLLIS numbers that you kept handy. You could also use them to create a list of records you’d like LTS to perform a batch update to; you would create your set as a public set, contact LTS support, and let them know the set name and what you’d like done to the set. You could also use an itemized set for collection development or acquisitions needs: create a set of titles you want to order or weed and ask colleagues to review and send you their thoughts, or create a set of orders that you want to keep tabs on that would never be able to find with a single search query.

For instance, we have our resource list for Professor Gray, and our barcode update list. This file set was created from a list of item records that matched a particular call number. I could use this set to review that section for weeding or, if needed, new purchases. Lots of different possible uses for an itemized set, where you can choose to add or remove individual records one by one.

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