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This is a service that connects users to online or print copies of materials in the Harvard Library using the openURL standard. 

This service was formerly branded as "Find It at Harvard." See also: E-Resource Branding

How it works

Direct Linking for full-text

We have Direct Linking enabled, which means that most of the time when a user clicks on Try Harvard Library they will be directed to the full-text of the article/resource. Sometimes the Harvard Library has access to a full-text articles through more than one database. If that's the case, we pick one for you. This is based on a list we keep of preferred providers. If this isn't working well for you, please let us know what you were searching for and what you expected to find.

Exceptions to Direct Linking for full-text

If any of our full-text collections have a "public note" associated with them, we do take the user directly to the article in one of the collections. The user will see the full list of collections from which they can access the article. The list is presented so that the user can see the notes. 

When we don't have full-text

The user will end up on the Try Harvard Library page and see the following options: 

  • Request through ILL
  • A list of our print holdings if we have any

We do not take users directly to a platform since we do not know which issue they are looking for, and our coverage varies by platform. 

For journals that are online, we provide a list of full-text providers and what volumes/years are available. If we don't have full-text online, we offer a link to the print version of the journal if we have it. 



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