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Jonathans tasks from him (3/2/15 email)   (?? means Randy questions this as a "MUST")

             - Repository dev

                                - MUST: Set up server for repo, AWS?

                                - MUST: Determine source of MARC data

                                - MUST: Automate/cron marc export

                                - MUST: Determine state of bibframe pipeline

                                - MUST: Cron BF pipeline

                                - MUST: develop reports for conversion failures

             - Pipeline enhancements

                                - MUST if possible: How do we convert people strings to Harvard Profiles?

                                - NICE: How do we convert people strings to VIAF?

                                - NICE: implement location/dbpedia lookup

                                - NICE: implement subject lookup with FASTRDF and id.loc.gov

                                - NICE: connect records to OCLC works

                                - NOT SURE: Integrate Paul's pipeline for usage data

             - Repo UI

                                - MUST??: Develop search engine

                                - NICE: import partner triples for search

                                - NICE: search UI should facet by institution and results should also make origin visible

                                - MUST?? if possible: Permit faceting by person attributes (authored by, cited by, collected by, taught by?)

                                - NICE: interface should be able to identify geographically near items, perhaps simply map search results

                                - NICE: search should facet on subject term

                                - MUST??: permit editing, particularly type-ahead for adding people URIs

                                - NICE: editing for subject headings with type-ahead

                                - NOT SURE: Does the repo need a UI for usage trends or should we reuse existing LiL projects?

             - Deeper Graph

                                - NICE: identify related works by means of locations, show in UI for individual record

                                - NICE: what else? want to assert a relationship with reasoning. where can we discover new information by asserting an associative rule?

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