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Harvard Aeon Instance

Harvard's Aeon instance is centrally managed.

Aeon Client Application

HUIT and local IT support for professional schools install and the Aeon client.

Aeon Client / ArchivesSpace Containers Add-On

The ArchivesSpace add-on in the Aeon client requires network access to the ArchivesSpace API. Cambridge campus IP addresses should already have access.

For users having trouble connecting to the ArchivesSpace add-on:

  • Submit a ticket to LTS
    • Include your static IP address
    • Request access to the production ArchivesSpace API for use with the ASpace Containers add-on in Aeon

Aeon Client Accounts

LTS creates and manages Aeon client accounts for staff.

Aeon Hosted Server

Atlas Systems hosts Harvard's Aeon servers (sandbox and production).

Aeon Network Drive

HUIT maintains a network drive for files that supplement Aeon client functionality.

HOLLIS Requesting

LTS supports Aeon request links from HOLLIS

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