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HOLLIS is the library's discovery platform. Questions about activated sources and their depth of coverage may be submitted via the feedback form. Together we will make research easier for our users.

Explanation of source codes in HOLLIS for local data

Source CodeSourceHOLLIS Source Facet Value
HVD - CoreContent from Alma (print, digital, subscription)Harvard Core
HVD - Finding AidsAlma records that have been enhanced with EADs from ASpace. (This data is a subset of HVD - Core).Harvard Finding Aids
HVD - ImagesJSTOR ForumHarvard Images
HVD - FGDCGIS layer records from HGLHarvard Geospatial Collection
HVD - HGL Collection LevelCollection-level record from HGL with list of layers, merged into corresponding Alma record. (This data is a subset of HVD - Core).Harvard Core