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Artstor's Shared Shelf is an image cataloging and media management tool accessible through a web browser. Harvard Library uses the image cataloging capabilities but does not use the media management capabilities of Shared Shelf. All images (media) for Harvard repositories are stored in Harvard's Digital Repository Service (DRS).

Shared Shelf has thorough documentation in their "Knowledge Base". We recommend reading over the "Basic concepts" in the Shared Shelf Overview. As you read Shared Shelf documentation, remember Harvard does not use Shared Shelf to store image files, our images are stored in the DRS, so ignore any mentions of “media” or “media files.”

Harvard utilizes the "Works" functionality within Shared Shelf.  An item record is required for every image and each item record must be linked to a Work record. Multiple item records may be linked to a Work. For example, the recto and verso of a photograph, full image and details of a painting, a photograph album, or multiple views of a built work. All digital images are linked to item records. 


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