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LTS has gotten several reports of problems with large bulk downloads requested from DRS Web Admin, specifically that not all the files that were requested are being delivered in the zip package. We are working to address this issue in DRS Web Admin by scaling up bulk download functionality. In the meantime, we are introducing a temporary new process for requesting DRS bulk downloads of large objects or large sets of objects. Please read on for instructions:

To request a large DRS bulk download (over 100 files per object or over 2 GB in size):

  • Submit a request using the DRS support form
    • Put “Bulk Download Request” in brief description field
    • Indicate the name of your DRS SFTP drop box account into which the bulk download should be staged upon completion (if you don't have a DRS SFTP drop box account, you can either reach out to a colleague who has one or request a new one as part of the bulk download request)
    • Respond to the email confirmation message by attaching a CSV file (you can create one in Excel by saving as CSV) with one column named “object_id_num" and a list of DRS IDs of the objects you need downloaded
      • Note that for each request (the CSV file), the total size of requested objects cannot exceed 250 GB. If your request is too large, the bulk download process will generate an error to that effect. You can split up the request into multiple CSV files if needed.
    • A bulk download request will be initiated by LTS support staff
    • Once the bulk download is complete, it will be staged in your DRS SFTP drop box and an email will be sent to you indicating that the package is ready
    • The package will be available for 14 days after being staged, it will then be automatically removed from your DRS drop box

Contact the DRS team ( if you have questions.


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