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This request will return limited bibliographic information from HOLLIS, based on an item's barcode.

One of the items returned is the alma_id (otherwise known as the MMS ID), which you can then use to get further information by using the Request bibliographic information by record ID endpoint.

URL request syntax

The base syntax is:{barcode}

With optional jsonp callback parameter:{barcode}?jsonp={callback function name}






barcode number

Barcode number associated with the bibliographic record.


Callback function name

The name of the callback function to wrap around JSON data.  Example: ?jsonp=ws_results

Sample URL

Requesting a MODS version of the bibliographic record associated with barcode 32044117214197:

Sample response

rec({"item": {
  "alma_id": 990126438530203941,
  "author": "King, Stephen,",
  "barcode": 32044117214197,
  "call_number": "PS3561.I483 F85 2010",
  "description": {},
  "in_temp_location": false,
  "library": "WID",
  "location": "WIDLC",
  "publication": {
    "place": "New York :",
    "publisher": "Scribner"
  "requested": false,
  "temp_call_number": {},
  "temp_library": {},
  "temp_location": {},
  "temp_policy": {},
  "title": "Full dark, no stars /"


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