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This request will return holdings and item information for all items associated with a bibliographic record ID.


None required.

URL request syntax

The base syntax is:{HOLLIS_number}

There is also a way to get a “brief” response (described below), with the pattern:{HOLLIS_number}/brief

With optional jsonp callback parameter:{HOLLIS_number}?jsonp={callback function name}

and for the “brief” response:{HOLLIS_number}/brief?jsonp={callback function name}

Note: when there are multiple elements within the response, for example, more than one collection for a holding, the jsonp format will return them as an array of objects associated with the element. Example of a library with multiple collections 014616485, versus a library with single collection: 014472259.







record ID

ID number of the bibliographic record.


Callback function name

The name of the callback function to wrap around JSON data.  Example: ?jsonp=ws_results

Information provided in the response

Besides the basic library and collection information, as well as the Permanent Link to the bibliographic record in HOLLIS+, the following information is provided for each holding, where it is available (an asterisk (*) indicates that this information is provided for the “brief” response)

  • *Call number

  • *Any on-line URL

  • Binding information

  • Reproduction note

  • Provenance

  • Copy and version

  • Restrictions

  • Terms of use

  • Source of acquisition

  • Note

  • “Please Note” notation

  • *Holding Statement(s)

  • Supplements

  • Index

Additionally, if there are items associated with the holding, for each item there will be an item record containing the following, where available:

  • *Barcode

  • *Description (e.g.: “Volume 1”)

  • *Status (e.g.: “Not checked out | In-library use”)

  • Status code

  • Process status

  • Last return date (in YYYYMMDD format)

Sample URL

Requesting item availability information for HOLLIS record ID 011500528:

Sample response

URL: for Rabbit redux / John Updike, 1971

Sample XML Response

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