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This request will return bibliographic information from HOLLIS based on an item's ISBN. Note that ISBN numbers are usually specific to an individual edition (e.g., hardcover versus paperback). While the title may be in HOLLIS, that particular edition may not be.


None required.

URL request syntax

The base syntax is:{record_format}/isbn/{isbn}

With optional jsonp callback parameter:{record_format}/isbn/{isbn}?jsonp={callback function name}






cite, dc, mods, marc

Specifies format of the returned record -- cite provides a short OIS-defined record, dc provides a simple Dublin Core record, mods provides a MODS 3.2 record, marc provides a MARCXML record (only available for HOLLIS requests).


ISBN number

The ISBN of a book, either 10 or 13 digits long. Including hyphens is optional.


Callback function name

The name of the callback function to wrap around JSON data.  Example: ?jsonp=ws_results

Sample URL

Requesting a MODS version of the bibliographic record associated with ISBN 978-0307269751:

Sample response

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