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It is critical that Repository Name changes do not occur without consultation with LTS to ensure system interoperability (e.g. HOLLIS+ etc.)

Repository Name
Shared Shelf IDContact NamePhoneVIA dropdownPrimo mapping code
Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School9000417559Michael Bradford(617) 384-7826(same as full name)DIV
Arnold Arboretum Archives Not activeDiane Rielinger(617) 495-2366Not in VIANot in Primo
Arnold Arboretum Horticultural Library (Jamaica Plain)

9000332563Lisa Pearson(617) 384-5330Arnold Arboretum Horticulture Library (Jamaica Plain)AJP
Baker Library, Harvard Business School, Historical Collections9000346247Benjamin Johnson(617) 495-3688Baker Library, Harvard Business SchoolBAK
Berenson Art Collection, Villa I Tatti - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies9000417970Michael Rocke+39 055-603-251Berenson Art Collection, Villa I Tatti BER
Biblioteca Berenson, Fototeca, Villa I Tatti - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies9000418532Michael Rocke+39 055-603-251Biblioteca BerensonBER
Biblioteca Berenson, Villa I Tatti - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies9000418019Michael Rocke+39 055-603-251Biblioteca BerensonBER
Cabot Science Library9000335059  (same as full name)CAB
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts   (n/a - too few images)CAR
Center for Hellenic Studies9000417817Erika O Bainbridge(202) 745-4416(same as full name)HEL
Center for the History of Medicine, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine9000335209Emily Novak Gustainis(617) 432-7702Countway Library of MedicineMED
Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies9000335353  Not in VIANot in Primo
Economic Botany Herbarium Archives of Oakes Ames Not activeDiane Rielinger   (617) 495-2366Not in VIANot in Primo
Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology9000341279Robert Young(617) 495-8253(same as full name)MCZ
Farlow Herbarium ArchivesNot activeDiane Rielinger   (617) 495-2366Not in VIANot in Primo
Frances L. Loeb Library, Harvard University Graduate School of Design9000413190Alix Reiskind(617) 496-8673(same as full name)DES
Fung Library9000335371  (same as full name)FUN
General Artemas Ward House Museum9000332708Paula Lupton(508) 842-8900(same as full name)AWH
Gray Herbarium Archives9000335423Diane Rielinger   (617) 495-2366(same as full name)GRA
Harvard College Observatory Library9000335439  Harvard College Observatory HCO
Harvard Film Archive9000417806  (same as full name)HFA
Harvard Fine Arts Library, Digital Images & Slides Collection9000369831Bill Connor(617) 495-3376Harvard Fine Arts LibraryFAL
Harvard Fine Arts Library, Special Collections9000369124Bill Connor(617) 495-3376Harvard Fine Arts LibraryFAL
Harvard Forest9000417854Julie Pallant(978) 724-3302(same as full name)FOR
Harvard Kennedy School Library & Knowledge Services   (same as full name)KSG
Harvard Law School Library9000336740Lesley Schoenfeld(617) 495-4689(same as full name)LAW
Harvard Theatre Collection9000343813  (same as full name)THE
Harvard University Archives9000345466Kate Bowers(617) 495-2461(same as full name)HUA
Harvard-Yenching Library9000346567Yuh-fen Chiou(617) 496-5381(same as full name)HYL
Houghton Library9000335445Jennifer Lyons(617) 384-5361 (same as full name)HOU
Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection9000425321Bettina Smith(202) 339-6971Dumbarton Oaks DDO
Judaica Division, Widener Library9000347138Violet Gilboa(617) 495-2985(same as full name)WID
Loeb Music Library9000341240  (same as full name)MUS
Middle Eastern Division, Widener Library9000341438  (same as full name)WID
Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature9000341294  (same as full name)ORA
Orchid Herbarium Archives of Oakes AmesNot activeDiane Rielinger   (617) 495-2366Not in VIANot in Primo
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Photographic Archives9000341440  Peabody Museum of Archaeology and EthnologyPEA
Radcliffe College Archives9000341447Joanne Donovan(617) 495-8551(same as full name)SCH
Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute9000351945Joanne Donovan(617) 495-8551Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in AmericaSCH
Slavic Division, Widener Library9000439103

Anna Rakityanskaya

(617) 495-4797Widener LibraryWID
Theodore Roosevelt Collection9000344089  (same as full name)TDR
Tozzer Library9000347123  (same as full name)TOZ
Warren Anatomical Museum, Center for the History of Medicine, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine

9000346246Emily Novak Gustainis(617) 432-7702Not in dropdown. Subsumed under Countway Library of Medicine.WAM
Weissman Preservation Center Robert Burton(617) 495-8596Not in VIANot in Primo
Widener Library9000346247Maggie Hale(617) 494-9405(same as full name)WID
NOT IN SHARED SHELF but currently part of VIA and HOLLIS+     
Harvard Portrait/Clock Collections   (same as full name)LAW

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