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Reports of Core Circulation Policy Tables

Online circulation policy is controlled by a network of configuration tables in Aleph. Although many more tables are in place to support circulation, the following tables are considered the core tables that define circulation policy.

Tab15 Item Statuses (rev. 10/16/09)
Tab16 Due dates, fines and limits (rev. 10/16/09)
Tab17 Circulation calendar (rev. 10/16/09)
Tab32 Overdue letter intervals (rev. 10/16/09)
Tab34 Lost material costs (rev. 10/16/09)
Tab44 Hold time (rev. 10/16/09)

For each table, a report (in PDF) of the table's current contents is available. Each report is arranged alphabetically by the Aleph sublibrary code (e.g. "MED" instead of "Countway Library"). If you are interested in printing data for your sublibrary, print only those pages that pertain to your sublibrary code. Reports are set up to re-start numbering with each change in sublibrary code.

All reports are current as of the date at the bottom of the reports and do not reflect policy changes requested and implemented since this date. Updates to the reports will be issued upon request of the circulation managers or at OIS' discretion upon substantial changes in the tables. Please send questions regarding circulation policies to the Aleph Support Center at

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