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When something goes wrong with either Aeon or the Aeon reporting service, it should be reported as soon as possible to Atlas Systems.



Verify the problem with one other Aeon-using staff member, then:

M-F 8am-5pm: Contact Atlas at 1-800-567-7401 x1 or service@atlas-sys.com.

After-hours + Weekends: email emergency@atlas-sys.com, which sends a text message to all Atlas support staff.

cc: the following people

at Atlas Systems:

Chris Youngblood – cyoungblood@atlas-sys.com

at Harvard:

Bill Comstock – comstock@fas.harvard.edu

Mingtao Zhao – mingtao_zhao@harvard.edu

Spruill Harder – sgharder@fas.harvard.edu

James Capobianco – jcapob@fas.harvard.edu

Tom Lingner – lingner@fas.harvard.edu

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