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  • Relinking Holdings and Items

Note - to change permanent/temporary locations, as in the case of HD transfers, please see Sending Items to Offsite Storage

Use these methods only when the holding that needs to move is one of multiple holdings on the bib. Otherwise, use Merge Records and Combine Inventory.

Relinking Holdings

About This Method 

  • This method will not affect the bib record of the holding that is moved. It will continue to be active.
  • Any items attached to the holding will also move.
  • If there is an active request on an item, you will not be able to relink the holding. You can relink it if the item is on loan.
    • In this scenario, In order to relink the holding, handle the requests or move all the items first. 
  • Related PO lines will not move. If moving the PO line is necessary, follow the separate instructions for Relinking a PO Line to a Different Bibliographic Record, which will will also move the corresponding items and holdings. 

To move a holding when it is one of multiple holdings on a bib:

  1. Conduct a Physical Titles search for the bib with the holding that you want to move.

  2. Click Holdings

  3. Click the row action item icon for the holding to be moved and choose Relink.

  4. The MDE opens with the holding on the left and a search panel on the right. Use the search panel to locate the target bib. 

    1. Pro tip: Copy the MMS ID of the target bib before you start this process so you don't have to search – put the MMS ID in the ANY FIELD box (not the System Number box)
  5. The bib search results appear with View and Relink options. Click Relink, then Execute.

  6. Required: delete field 014 from any moved holdings records, then Save and Release Record.
  7. If there isn't an 014 and you aren't making other changes, choose Release Record to release the holdings record from the MDE. The relinking action will take place automatically and you don't need to save. 

Moving Items

Merge Bib/Holdings/Items with Another Bib

To merge an entire bib and its holdings/items with another bib, use Merging Bib Records instead.

To Re-Link Item to Another Holding on the Same Bib

To re-link an item to another holding on the same bib:

  1. Search the repository for the item to be moved

  2. From the results list, click Items for the bibliographic record with multiple holdings. The list of items will appear.

  3. Select the item(s) using the checkboxes and click Manage Selected and choose Change Holdings. The list of holdings appears.

  4. Select the holdings to which you want to move the items by clicking the checkcircle to the left of the holding ID and click Select.

  5. To review, click the View all Holdings link.

  6. To delete holdings with zero items, follow the "Deleting Holdings" section on the Holdings - Creating, Editing, Suppressing, and Deleting page. 

To Move Item to Another/New Holding on Different Bib

To move an item to another or new holding on a different bib:

  1. Make note of the MMS ID of both the bib and the holding record to which you will move the item.
  2. Search the repository for the item to be moved.
  3. From the results list, click Items for the bibliographic record with multiple holdings. The list of items will appear.
  4. Select the item(s) using the checkboxes, open the drop-down list under Manage Selected, and click Relink to another bib.
  5. In the pop-up, conduct a repository search for the target bib.
  6. Select the bib from the list. The list of holdings for that bib appears.
    1. To move item to an existing holding, use the checkbox to select the holding and choose Select.
      1. Remember to update holdings summaries on the holdings of both bibs, if necessary.
    2. To move the item to a new holding, click Add new holdings.
      1. The MDE will open in a new holdings. Add the 852 and then Save & Release the record.
      2. Your new holding is now in the list. Use the checkbox to select it and choose Select.
  7. If this was the last item on the holding (from which you're moving the item), the system will provide a list of options for the original holding (suppress, delete, do nothing). Best practice: delete the holdings record.

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