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Imaging Services regularly provides OTC services at no charge, typically for special library projects or for senior University administrators. “Paying” for these services with a Payment Method called “Fees Waived” will allow us to track and report on this work. We will be able to report on the quantity of services provided at no cost, and on the users that received the free services.



  • All orders should be associated with a registered Aeon user, but a VIP’s order may be associated with an assistant’s account.
    • If no account for customer can be identified, consult Bill or Todd.
  • An OTC order is created, and all services and counts are added as usual, using the fees we would normally charge.
  • The “Fees Waived” payment type is applied and the amount needed to pay the invoice is entered.
  • A note is added in the “Note” section of the "Detail" tab, explaining briefly why the services were provided at no cost and who authorized the fee waiver.
    • Bill or Todd should approve the waiving of fees, but Imaging Services managers may do so independently if Bill and Todd are unavailable.
  • A "By (name)" note is entered in the "Payment Reference" field in the "Payment/Credits" section of the "Billing" tab.


  • On the "Aeon Daily Payment Report," orders paid with the "Fees Waived" payment method will be excluded.
  • On the "Aeon Monthly Reports," orders paid with the "Fees Waived" payment method will appear on their own separate pages.
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