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Project Work

Project work is generated by grant-driven digitization projects, repository-driven projects, and preservation-driven projects.

Project work frequently passes through our high-volume workflow, but it can also be given the highest level of service. It is the main priority of Imaging Services (IS), and is integral to the mission of the Harvard Library to provide better access to the collection.

Project Workflow has two phases, the initial setup and the ongoing processing of Batches/Bundles.

Initial Set-up

  1. Project is set up by either Todd Bachmann or Maggie Hale. Details such as principal contact person, DRS Billing Code, and billing account/Allocation information is entered into an Activity in Aeon.
  2. Primary contact person is associated with Activity.

Batch Processing

  1. Batch materials are delivered directly to production areas, accompanied by owning-repository-created "Batch" (or "Transfer") sheet.
  2. IS production staff sign for materials and send Batch Sheet to Patron Services (PS) for conversion into Job Ticket. The details of this process are available in the Project Workflow Flowchart below.
  3. Digitization is completed.
  4. Job Ticket is delivered to DRS upload staff, who create metadata, if necessary, deposit material to DRS, and update Job Ticket with accurate quantities corresponding to actual image files created.
  5. Job Ticket is delivered to G-81. PS staff update quantities in Aeon, apply final billing information, and file paperwork.


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