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OASIS Topics

Authoring Software

Local repositories can use an authoring tool of their choice to create and maintain EAD XML documents. Three Windows-based XML authoring tools are in use currently: Corel WordPerfect, oXygen, and XMetaL. In addition, a free XML editor, called Liquid XML, is available. Information about how specific repositories have implemented these tools, and related instructions, are available on the MAT Affinity Group iSite (HUID/PIN required).

Please note that OIS does not purchase for, or otherwise provide encoding software to, Harvard repositories, nor does it provide technical assistance related to the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of authoring software.

Encoding Guidelines

Harvard finding aids must be created using the Harvard version of the EAD 2002 schema or DTD. All repositories are responsible for adhering to the minimum encoding requirements outlined in the encoding template below. (Optional encoding guidelines are also outlined in the template.)

Uploading Finding Aids

There are two ways to upload finding aids to OASIS: by secure FTP to a batch loader or by a web-based interactive loader.

  • The Batch Loader, which is recommended for files larger than 1MB, 1) can only be accessed by account password; 2) enables users to upload multiple files at a time; and 3) makes finding aids available to the public the next day.
  • The Interactive Loader, which can be used to upload one file at a time, 1) can only be accessed via registered HUID/PIN; 2) makes the finding aid available in real time; and 3) offers finding aid preview and download.

In order to use the batch and/or interactive loader, you must be an authorized system user.  Your Login Liaison can submit a loader access request form to register you as a user.

Finding Aid Preview is a publicly-accessible service for previewing how a finding aid will look in OASIS.  This Preview is available to any Harvard EAD author and is designed for Harvard employees who are not authorized to use the OASIS Interactive Loader. Please note that redacted content will display in the preview.

System Information & Updates


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