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  • Macintosh Users: Whitelist EZ Proxy in ESET Cyber Security Anti-Virus
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This page provides instructions for adding the library's EZ Proxy to the ESET Cyber Security anti-virus program on Macs, in order to prevent ESET from blocking e-resources content. For more help accessing library e-resources, see the LTS Support Website or contact LTS Support directly.



Can't load proxied library e-resources in one or more browsers. Pages fail to load or load incompletely, giving a blank screen or unformatted text. PDF and multimedia content cannot be downloaded or streamed.
The same content loads successfully when accessed directly (not through the proxy).

The Chrome Developer Tools console typically shows ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING and/or ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT errors. (Example:

Affected:Personal Macintosh computers running the student/home use version of ESET Cyber Security, available for download from the FAS Software Downloads page. (PC users and users of Harvard-maintained Macs are not affected).
Cause:ESET CyberSecurity home edition is blocking incoming web traffic from the library EZ Proxy server.
Solution: Add EZ Proxy client-incoming IP ( to the exclusion list (whitelist) in ESET CyberSecurity, using the instructions here. This must be done by each user individually, since HUIT Endpoint Systems has no control over the system or security settings for the home version of ESET.

How to Whitelist EZ Proxy in Mac ESET: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open ESET CyberSecurity using the ESET icon in the status menu in the top menu bar.

  2. Open the Settings menu and select "Enter application preferences...".

  3. Select "General" settings, and then select the "Exclusions: Setup" button.

  4. In the Exclusions window, select the Web and Email tab and then select "Display exclusions: IP/IPv6 addresses".

  5. Click the plus sign button (+) to add the library EZ Proxy IP address to the ESET exclusion list:

  6. Click "OK" and you should now see the IP listed on the IP/IPv6 exclusion list. Click OK again to save the updated list, and then close the ESET windows. Test to make sure proxied library content is now loading successfully. Contact LTS Support if you continue to have trouble accessing library e-resources.