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Need help using ListView? Contact LTS Support to report a problem or ask a question.

ListView is a service that provides links to groups of related digitized documents, such as periodical runs and multi-volume sets. You can open and view individual documents or search across all documents using a single search. Once you open an individual document, you can browse, search or print that document.  ListView is a publicly-accessible service, although some of the documents it links to may be restricted to Harvard users. 

Can I download or print ListView documents?
You can download and print an individual document available in ListView. To do this, open the document and select the Print menu option. This option will create an Acrobat PDF of a single page, a range of pages, or the entire document that you can print or save to a local drive for later use. 

If you need to print a range of pages, be sure to supply the starting and ending page sequence numbers. Note that a page's sequence number may not be the same as its printed page number. Sequence numbers display in parentheses – for example (seq. 7).  Look for the sequence number in the left table of contents or in the thumbnail scroll bar. 

Can I search the full text of ListView documents?
To search full text across all documents on the list, click the Full Text Search option in the ListView menu bar. Or, search full text within a single document by opening an individual document and clicking the Search option. 

Some ListView documents require a Harvard login. How can I access these documents?
ListView itself is accessible to the public, but sometimes individual documents on the list are restricted to current Harvard faculty, students and staff. The only other way to access restricted ListView documents would be to connect to them from a computer inside a Harvard library. 

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