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Use Cases

  • Moving Image
    • Michelle and Christine exploring uses of linked data on HFA website with HFS curators
  • Geospatial
Use CaseDescription  
Navigate graph of related termsDisplay graph of links and allow users to click on a node and see related data  
Improve GeoSpatial SearchUse geometry from Geonames to refine or expand search area  
Expand searchUsing placename synonyms, expand search to alternate names  
Facet generationUse elements embedded in Geonames to expand facets in discovery environment  



TechnologyDescriptionCode RepoDemo 
D3SparqlJavascript library for various visualizations of the results of a sparql queryhttps://github.com/ktym/d3sparqlhttp://biohackathon.org/d3sparql 
lod liveLinked data browserhttp://en.lodlive.it/  
spotlightwith heat map plug-ins for geometries (out of box)   
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