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Training Overview

Information for Managers

Managers should work through training with staff or student workers in their departments. The recommended sequence is:

  1. Staff should view a module in the Alma Overviews Online Course, in the sequence presented or as needed.
  2. Staff should discuss the content of the module with their manager or other staff in the department, to see how Alma processes interact with local workflow.
  3. Managers should follow up with additional hands-on training in that functional area.
  4. Staff then move on to the next online module.

Alma Overviews Online Course

The Alma Overviews Online Course is a video-based introduction to the basics of Alma and general functional training. It is designed to provide an introduction or refresher to the Alma unified resource management system and how it has been implemented at Harvard Library. Each module covers a different area, and is made up of video segments accompanied by the script and links to additional information.


Hands-On Training Materials

These are the training materials - scripts and supporting documents - used by trainers during the hands-on phase of Alma training. Some of this information repeats what is in the Alma Overviews videos, other information expands on what's in those videos. Staff can review these documents after watching the videos for additional understanding, and managers can use the scripts to work through hands-on training with staff.


Foundation Trainings In Sequence

Alma Overviews

These classes are required for all staff, regardless of job functions. Under the supervision of their manager, staff can work through the Overviews course, or managers can work directly with staff using the Hands-On Versions of the classes.

Cross-Functional Topics

There are a few topics that cut across Fulfillment, Acquisitions, and Resource Management:

Fulfillment (Circulation and Requests)
Resource Management (Cataloging & Related Topics)
Alma Analytics


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