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Alma Training - December 2018 Update

Alma Overviews Online Course

There is a new Alma Overviews Online Course available on the LTS wiki: a video-based introduction to the basics of Alma, including how the system is structured, using the main menu and persistent search bar, an extensive introduction to searching, information about the Alma inventory model and the Community Zone, what sets are and how they're used, and an introduction to financial concepts in Alma.

Coming in December will be additional modules on Work Orders, Items & Holdings, Fulfillment, Acquisitions, and Analytics.

Information for Managers

Managers should still feel comfortable working through any class with new staff or student workers in their departments, especially the Introduction to Alma and Search and Sets materials. Please see the next section for the suggested Course Sequence with links to the scripts for those classes.

All Trainings In Sequence

Alma Overviews

These classes are required for all staff, regardless of job functions. Under the supervision of their manager, staff can work through the Overviews course, or managers can work directly with staff using the Hands-On Versions of the classes.

Cross-Functional Topics

There are a few topics that cut across Fulfillment, Acquisitions, and Resource Management that will have dedicated classes:

Fulfillment (Circulation and Requests)
Resource Management (Cataloging & Related Topics)
Alma Analytics


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