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Project Overview

Project Vision:

Enable native creation of linked data for bibliographic records

Harvard Project Team:

Scott Wicks, Project Lead, Associate Librarian for Information and Technical Services

Michelle Durocher, ‎Head, Metadata Management

Marc McGee, Geospatial Metadata Librarian

Christine Eslao, Metadata Management Librarian

Steven Folsom, Metadata Technologies Program Manager

ex officio (Library Technology Services) - Robin Wendler, Metadata Analyst, Randy Stern, Director of Systems Development

Links to the multi-institution LD4P project

LD4P Google Group

Final LD4P Meeting Proposal.docx


June 2015 meeting

Pre June 2015 meeting survey

LD4P Survey Responses.docx - input to 6/29/15 Stanford meeting, or as Google doc

Attendee list


Meeting Notes

LD4P June 2015 - Architecture Planning.pptx

2015 4 ld4p...ala Bibframe pilot plus.pptx


Metadata creation tools

Survey of Available RDF/Linked Data Creation Tools

Editor Requirements.docx

Domain projects

Cartographic Materials

Contact: Marc McGee (mmcgee at

Statement of Objectives (Cartographic)

LD4P Cartographic Materials extension Harvard wiki page

LD4L Harvard Geospatial Library (HGL) to Linked Data Metadata Conversion Harvard wiki page

Moving Images

Contact: Christine Eslao (eslao at

Statement of Objectives (Film/moving image resources)

LD4P systems requirements

  1. An agreed upon OWL ontology for the LD4P variant of BIBFRAME
  2. A definition of approved vocabulary authorities for linking to
  3. A data storage mechanism for RDF
  4. A search mechanism for that RDF
  5. A cataloging user interface application
    1. Does one exist that cab be uses or extended?
    2. Does it include entity finding modules to locate appropriate links based on string input?
  6. (Maybe if in scope) A search mechanism for finding instances of an element from within local data
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